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Why Do We Need to Know About Eggpreneur?

Eggpreneur is a non-benefit working with rustic ranchers to develop their agribusiness creation and proposition reasonable eggpreneur arrangements. To extend our items and administrations, we seek a self-propelled proficient person who shares our vision and values to join this thrilling and compensating association.

The fruitful competitor will be answerable for guaranteeing and working on the presentation, efficiency, productivity, and progress of the association. Give functional items to the executives and augmentation administration backing to our local area poultry venture. However, observing also organizing records with the ranch supervisor. And also, different tasks exerted here/She will be entrusted with standard everyday procedures on animal and new produce, ladies ranchers’ preparation, and expansion administrations.


Give quality poultry and mushroom care to demo Homestead. And also broadened ranchers zeroing in on illness counteraction, the board, and high creation.

To design and deal with the everyday activity of demo ranch and augmentation administrations.

Participation at any off-ranch field days, conversation gat, hearings, or further training as expected for one or the other individual or expert advancement as settled on by the executives. However, deal with our out-producer ranchers and keep records checking and opportune correspondence.

Answerable for guaranteeing that productive obtainment, stock, and stock administration rehearsals are noticed. Gather and keep up with clients’ data and keep up with exact clients’ information


Foster instruments for scaling, including an upgraded adaptation of the Eggpreneur educational plan with more business venture cavities. Foster methodologies to cooperate with Catholic Sisters.


To enable ladies and advance comprehensive and practical financial development in remote exercises.

Eggpreneur needs extra preparation assets for neighborhood ladies and Catholic Sisters. To address these difficulties, we submerged ourselves in a Catholic gathering in Kenya. We led 25 semi-formal meetings with the Catholic Sisters to discover their resources, problems, and objectives. In any case, we noticed two Eggpreneur preparing studios and talked with 20 nearby local area individuals to decide areas of progress for the preparation.

Its objective of extension is obliged by HR and monetary responsibilities expected for making a social undertaking. However, the requirement for correlative learning materials during preparing studios and the absence of a mix of economic proficiency in the current preparation educational program.

Capability and Experience

Experience in arranging on-ranch expansion administration, ranchers are preparing poultry or mushroom creation.

Confirmation or endorsement in the cultivation of the board from a perceived foundation High private guidelines – discipline, reliability, trustworthiness, and respectability

Desirable over Women

Something like one year of active involvement with the cultivation of mushroom ranch. 

Great relational abilities (composed and oral) with the capacity to communicate one’s thoughts obviously and express a viewpoint and PC proficient. Engine Driving permit or cruiser permit will be added advantage.

Key Discoveries:

Eggpreneur’s model makes significant areas of strength for showing financial education abilities. 

  • Due to the different expenses and income floods of poultry cultivation, Eggpreneur’s preparation educational program sets out freedom for ladies to master planning, as I.
  • Plan of action development is essential for scaling as Eggpreneur accomplishes with gatherings to scale out. However, it should alter its plan of action to augment both benefit and effect to fit the requirements of Catholic Sisters and their networks.
  • Catholic Sisters should commit assets for their social endeavors to succeed. Moreover, the gathering should have a shared vital vision that upholds the subsidizing and time expected for Sisters to participate in friendly venture drives.

What the Business people Are Talking about

Facilitating and working with GSBF understudies this late spring was truly energizing. Furthermore, their expectations will help us develop and affect more lives as Eggpreneur scales out. GSBF assisted us with creating Rendition 2.0 preparation materials as well as an exercise manual which we didn’t have in an early form.

This new preparation content will assist us with scaling our work in a more coordinated manner. However, the substance will propel our image and develop with our ongoing Catholic Sister accomplices.

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